1. Old Woman

From the recording Hunter's Star

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(Phyllis Tannerfrye)

I am an old, old woman.
I’m old and free at last.
Free of the trouble and the heartache
I could not let go in the past

Trouble keeps a woman busy
And heartache would keep me on the ground
But I’ve got to let go every worry
And hold on this freedom I’ve found

Trouble comes knocking at my back door every day
I don’t listen to what that cold wind say
It keeps me rocking, can’t stop it anyway
But there’s a blue, blue sky
Above this cloudy day

Sometimes I can see my light come shining
All the way from Abraham to me
But the light is bigger than the shadow
That blue sky is easy to see

Yeah, I am an old, old woman
I know I did not come here to stay
Everybody on this train goin’somewhere
And somewhere there’s an uncloudy day