Jayne teaches acoustic guitar, ukulele and songwriting to students of all ages. 
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"Jayne is an amazing guitar and ukulele teacher! She’s able to teach you your favourite songs in a fun, relaxed way and adapts each song to fit your skill level and learning pace. Thank you, Jayne.”

"My weekly ukulele lessons with Jayne are very gratifying. I always learn a lot and I always have fun. She is a patient, supportive teacher, full of ideas about how to meet any technical challenge,  and quick to adapt to the different needs of her students. As a musician she is an excellent role model, deeply curious, creative, and committed to her craft. All of this creates a very congenial environment for learning."

“I like that she teaches me songs that I know.  The sessions are fun and I like learning about all the different bands and singers that she knows about.”

“Jayne is really patient, and if you are having trouble, she will slow down and go over it until you have it.  Also, the music she brings is really fun to play.“


"Jayne has been teaching Sophia (13) for about 3 years. She accommodates our hectic lifestyle by coming to us and gracefully ignoring the chaos. She gives me my favourite hour of each week: a calmness falls on the house while we listen to Jayne and Sophia strum and sing together. Jayne adjusts her style based on the children she works with and very quickly figured Sophia out. Sophia now turns to the guitar to calm herself down and will proudly play and sing songs. Thank you Jayne for all the gifts you have given our family and for my favourite hour of each week. "
Arwen Hunter

"Jayne has been teaching our son guitar and our daughter ukulele for the past 5 months.  I cannot believe how much they have learned and progressed in that short time.  My 8 year old son even says he cannot believe how much he is liking guitar since he did not want to enroll in lessons after abandoning it for a while with other instructors.  That is due entirely to Jayne's patient and gentle approach accompanied by her beautiful voice that is often a backdrop as the children play.  Her passion and talent are engaging and is helping our children develop a love of this art and fill our home with music.  Thanks Jayne, we look forward to you coming into our home every week."
Silvana Simone

"Thank you for bringing music into our home.  I always look forward to Monday evenings and listening to you sing while guiding my daughter through the pentatonic scale to playing songs from The Beatles.  My daughter was looking for a fun, relaxed approach to learning acoustic guitar and you certainly delivered.You have a gift!  Thanks for sharing it with us!"
Khrista Krueger

“Jayne has taught our daughter guitar for over 2 years, and we are impressed with how much she has learned in that time.  Jayne is a patient and caring instructor, who easily shared her love of music wit her students.  We love Jayne!”
Marie and Trevor Cook

“We appreciate your gentle, positive approach.  It has made Ally’s experience with learning an instrument a fun and happy one.  He picks up the ukulele with pleasure, and it is great to see.  We are really pleased with his progress.“
Jamie Nathan and Billy Ormerod


FAQ’s For Parents of Jayne’s Guitar and Ukulele Students


What are your Covid-19 policies?

Lessons are available in your home, in my studio or online at my in-studio rate  Research on the virus has indicated that singing is one of the most efficient ways to transmit the virus and singing is very much a part of our lessons.  I am fully-vaccinated and I will come to your house if you are all fully-vaccinated.  

My experiences since March 2020 with online teaching have convinced me that while in-person is better, remote learning of music is nearly as good.  We can meet on Zoom or Skype or FaceTime at each student's preference.  Zoom and Skype are a little better because we can share our screens.  And Zoom has (as of September 2020) come out with a new version which offers enhanced audio for music.  So Zoom is my preferred platform, but all can work. 


How much should my child practice?

Frequent short practices are the ticket! I recommend that children practice their age in minutes daily. So, a ten-year old should be playing 10 minutes a day. It helps to have a regular practice time anchored to another daily activity, like right after school or first thing after dinner.


What is a song circle?

Near the end of the school year, I like to host a student song circle.  We play songs together, in a circle, and students choose a special song to play with me or with another student.  If we are lucky, my sons come along to play bass and drums for the full band experience!  Parents attend and socialize and we all have potluck snacks afterwards.  It's fun for everyone, very low-stress and more about sharing the joy of music, than performing.  This is as close as we get to the dreaded formal recital.


What are your rates?

Time                  In My Studio or Online          

30 minutes             $ 35                                                        

45 minutes             $ 50                                                         

60 minutes             $ 60                                                        

Time                 In Your home 

30 minutes             $ 45

45 minutes             $ 60

60 minutes             $ 70


Where can I get the sheet music?

Acoustic Guitar students will need the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1, by Will Schmid and Greg Koch with audio access included. It is available at Kaos Music at 3052 Bloor Street W, Etobicoke, just west of Royal York. It is also available at Long & McQuade locations and online at Amazon.

Ukulele Students will need Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1 (C6 Tuning) by James Hill and Chalmers Doane. Free downloadable versions of the books can be obtained here: Uketropolis.ca.

Electric Guitar students will also do the Hal Leonard Guitar Method.  Intermediate electric students will learn from Guitar Aerobics and Hal Leonard Rock Guitar.


Do I need a music stand?

Yes. Music stands promote good playing posture, minimize neck and eye strain and provide a place to keep music handy. Along with a stand for the instrument, keeping these accessible to the student means that a 10–minute practice will only take 10 minutes, rather than 20, which it might, if the child has to get the guitar out of the case, find the music, set up a place to play…


How will I know if a lesson is scheduled in a given week?

We go by the TDSB elementary school calendar. If school is happening, our lesson is on. For example, there will be no lessons on Family Day, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, etc.  The exception to this is that generally it seems to work best for students if there are no lessons during the very first and very last week of school.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a lesson due to illness or travel, I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Forgotten lessons or lessons cancelled within 24-hours will be billed in full.


How do I reschedule a lesson?

Call my home or cell or email jaynedmitchell@gmail.com.

As long as you give me 24 hours’ notice, I will try to reschedule the lesson in any open spots in my calendar. It may not be possible, but I will sure try! If we can’t reschedule a lesson you have paid for, then we can deduct that amount from the next payment.


What are my options to pay you?

I have found what works best is for me to email you at the beginning of the month, letting you know how many lessons there will be in the month. You can pay by cheque or e-transfer for the entire month on that month’s first lesson. Alternatively, you can pay by cash weekly at lesson time.