From the recording Hunter's Star

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(Jayne Mitchell)

Prairie town in her rearview mirror
Frustration couldn’t get much clearer
She’s on her way
Let ‘em all wipe their own damn noses
Tank up before the station closes
It’s independence day

Untie the apron strings, that
Bind her to hometown things
Fly with rebel’s wings
Nothing more to say, independence day

Grain elevator makes the only shadow
Pedal to the floor like a desperado
She’s on her way
Loves her family but she can’t be like them
Waiting for Fate to strike them
It’s independence day

She wants:
Older buildings, bigger stores
Restaurants from foreign shores
A lover who doesn’t work with her brother...

Morning light starts to glimmer
Fears in her heart grow dimmer
She’s on her way
To a place where things aren’t borrowed or lost
A life of her own, no matter the cost.