1. Hunter's Star

From the recording Hunter's Star

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(Jayne Mitchell)

Eating alone, bank account blown
Unpacking boxes, why plug in the phone?
He slammed the door, my heart’s on the floor,
Love doesn’t live here anymore.

Make up your bed, lay down your head and
Sleep beneath the Hunter’s Star tonight.

Plastering walls, painting the hall,
Trawling for bargains in flea market stalls.
He’s headed south, I’m figuring out
Just when conviction turned into doubt.

Underneath the Hunter’s Star
Maps don’t match the ground.
Try to find your own true north,
While your compass spins around…

Monday again, catching the train,
Sun’s up with the coffee, no sign of rain
He won’t return, somehow I’ve learned,
While love is a blessing,devotion is earned